• Unlimited URLs
  • Invisible To Viewers
  • All 3 Memberships Are FREE!

Rotate All Your Websites From 1 Web Address!

It's as easy as 1, 2, 3...

1. Enter the websites you wish to have rotated.

2. Publish your unique Page Twirl URL.

3. When someone clicks your Page Twirl URL he will see one of your websites. When another person clicks the same URL he will see a different website.


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  Each membership has the following features:
  • FREE - there is never a charge for using Page Twirl.

  • Unlimited URLs - include as many websites as you wish.

  • Live Statistical Reports - keep track of your ads with current information.

  • Transparent To Viewers - using Page Twirl is undetectable by your viewers.

  • Non-Intrusive - we never include pop-ups or banner ads in your pages nor do we use frames.

  • Simplicity - easy to use and you can promote multiple websites from one location.

    Membership Levels  
    Free Basic
  1 Rotator - Unlimited URLs
  Every 20th view is diverted to a 
  Page Twirl advertisement.

  Free Premium
  5 Rotators - Unlimited URLs
  Every 15th view is diverted to a 
  Page Twirl advertisement.

  Free Business
  Unlimited Rotators - Unlimited URLs
  Every 10th view is diverted to a 
  Page Twirl advertisement.


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